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To inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Wales, we’ve found and trained an army of motivational Role Models from all walks of business and industry – from chefs and artists, to billionaire investors and musicians.  It’s part of the Big Ideas Wales campaign, which aims to equip young people with enterprise skills, whatever their career choice.   And we’ve been the creative force behind it from the start.

Working with our partners Prospects, Business in Focus, Antur Teifi and Markit, We’ve used our event management skills and brought together teachers, employers, politicians and young people in a series of events, award schemes and competitions under the Big Ideas Wales programme.  We designed all the project materials including websites, brochures, videos, flyers and exhibition stands. 

Our excellent network of contacts across Wales has led to an invaluable resource of experience and inspiration for young people, brought to them through case studies, one-to-one sessions, bootcamps, workshops and national events. 

Our designs have been effective in raising the profile of the project and through it, the aspirations of young people across Wales.


Each year we engage with over 55,000 young people to inspire them to think about being their own boss one day and to develop their own entrepreneurial skills. We have supported over 600 young people on a 1-2-1 basis with expert advice and guidance and have supported 100 young people under the age of 25 to start a business.

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