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We believe it's all in the preparation. No matter if your event is a seminar for 20 people or a three day monster for 20,000, our approach is the same.

We relish the challenges that you might find tedious or stressful. Our service covers all essential aspects of successful event management including:

  • shaping the format and content of your event

  • identifying, booking and liaising with speakers

  • sourcing and liaising with the venue.

  • managing the delegates, from inviting them to evaluating their experience.

  • promoting the event to ensure you get the guests you need.

  • securing sponsorship and positive relations for your company.

  • transportation for guests and speakers

  • audio visual advice and implementation in this essential part of event management.

Before we do any of this we will take time to understand what you need from us.

We can be involved as much or as little as you like.  We can manage every detail right down to the last coffee cup, or just sort one or two of the awkward little niggles that you've no time to deal with.

Event management is rewarding but sometimes stressful, so it's worth noting that all of the above is delivered with a smile.  Our friendly, professional staff will make sure that the event is a great experience for both you and your delegates.

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