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Primary School Competition


Cazbah are the creators, design and management force behind this exciting Welsh Government initiative since its launch in 2013. Enterprise Troopers is an annual national primary school competition in Wales, aimed at inspiring children to learn business skills and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

To interest children the competition had to be interactive and fun, so we created a colourful ‘family’ of characters to represent the qualities of entrepreneurship: Attitude, Creativity, Relationship and Organisation.  The characters – named Amy, Callum, Rhian and Owain – appeared in all promotional materials and ‘in person’ at events, using young models in the brightly coloured costumes.

Our idea was to introduce the characters as superheroes who worked together to develop great business ideas. Being completely bi-lingual, they also complemented the existing Welsh Government Big Ideas Wales brand.

We were responsible for developing the original concept, the branding, promotion and structure of the competition, as well as the event format and delivery.  The competition runs as five regional heats and one final – attracting around 380 children, 180 teaching staff and 150 VIP guests each year. 


All schools that were visited by the Enterprise Troopers agreed this is an engaging competition, with good support for children and teachers throughout.

“t was a fantastic day, brilliantly organised and in a super venue… we will be looking forward to entering again next year”

“A great experience for the pupils – we keep entering it to show how important we think it is!”

An absolute honour to be part of the judging team for the 2018 Enterprise Troopers final… a truly inspirational day”

“What an amazing team… I’ve never experienced such positivity and togetherness”

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