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Wales Co-operative Centre

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Cazbah led the ‘Go Full Circle’ campaign for the Wales Co-operative Centre, to raise awareness of social enterprises across seven counties in Wales.  The circular theme and visuals illustrated the way they add value along the whole chain – from consumer to provider to the wider community. 

We used engaging case studies – from credit unions and community cafes, to sports development and those offering training and jobs to people with learning disabilities. These were illustrated through videos, a campaign website, on social media and through advertising to clearly explain the concept and the ethical benefits. 

The aim was to create a better understanding of social enterprises, encourage people to use them, and help the providers get – and keep - their messages out there.


More than 90% of stakeholders said the brand and campaign had succeeded in raising awareness; they found the whole concept and materials useful and clear. It’s also been sustainable, with the Go Full Circle brand still being used more than a year after the campaign.


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